How Jack Kungel Beat Cancer and Chronic Pain With Cannabis

In this podcast, Jack Kungel, who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, shares his inspirational story that starts with his devastating accident in 1991, that sent him to the hospital, leading to 20 years of hell which saw him through a horrific battle with pain, 2 bouts of cancer, and the devastating physical effects of 8 surgeries and vast quantities of pharmaceuticals.

Yet today, thanks to cannabis, Jack is a healthy 64 year-old man on a mission to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of cannabis and how it can help them.

In this interview Jack talks about:

  • How his life was changed by his accident in 1991
  • The effect of all the pharmaceuticals on his body
  • How he used cannabis to get off of the pharmaceutical medication
  • What detox was like and how he got through it
  • Section 56 in Canada and how it enabled him to obtain the cannabis he needed
  • How he was diagnosed with cancer
  • What he found out after weeks of research on cancer
  • The endo-cannabinoid system and how it works with cancer
  • How he treated his cancer to knock it down for the first time
  • How your diet affects cancer
  • The relationship of cancer and Methianin
  • How to kill cancer with cannabis
  • The emotional causes of cancer
  • How and what he ate to support his recovery
  • How he eats now to stay healthy
  • How cancer puts you down to rest
  • How he re-assessed what was important in his life.
  • His specific protocol for killing cancer the second time around and what he uses for maintenance to keep the cancer in remission
  • How cancer is a threat to so many corporations
  • Advice for people who are reticent to try cannabis for treating their medical conditions
  • Jack’s plans for the future
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