07 of the best high-protein foods for weight loss

Losing weight can definitely be a challenge, as warding away the constant temptation of sugary and calorie-rich foods can be difficult and not to mention frustrating.

However, registered dietitian Jenn Fillenworth, MS, RD, explained that there’s no better place to start in the kitchen if you are looking to lose weight, as she suggested that nutrition is a huge part of weight loss and getting high-protein foods in your diet definitely a key part of that.

“High-protein foods are great for recovery from exercise and also help to keep you full for longer since protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates,” Fillenworth said. “This is why a bowl of cereal in the morning sends you on a snack hunt way before lunch while eggs for breakfast stay with you longer,” she explained.

To help you shed those unwanted pounds, we spoke more to Fillenworth and some other registered dietitians about some of the best high-protein foods for weight loss. From eggs to salmon to peanut butter, below are some of their top picks they recommend keeping in mind.

Give peanut butter a chance.

“My favorite high-protein food for weight loss is peanut butter,” said registered dietitian nutritionist Rebecca Stib, MS, RDN, LDN. “Per a serving (which is typically two tablespoons), you’ll get about eight grams of protein,” she explained.

Start your day with some nutrient-dense eggs.

Eggs are a great food for weight loss,” Fillenworth said. Eggs are very nutrient-dense, meaning they are full of vitamins and minerals, she suggested, as one egg contains [about] 75 calories and [about] seven grams of high-quality protein (meaning they have all the essential amino acids).

Incorporate salmon into your diet.

One of my absolute favorite foods for weight loss is salmon,” Fillenworth told INSIDER. And although salmon is indeed a fatty fish, she explained that fat in foods does not necessarily mean you are going to gain weight.

Black beans are a great plant-based protein for weight loss.

“My favorite plant-based protein for weight loss is the black bean,” Fillenworth explained.

They are very high in fiber and protein, as a half cup of black beans contains [aproximately] 2 0 grams of protein, she suggested. And since black beans are high in fiber, she added that they can help relieve constipation and bloating which could be attributed to some weight gain.

Select low-calorie lean meats.

When looking for the best high-protein foods for weight loss, think low-calorie and high-quality ingredients,” suggested registered dietitian Sabrina Russo, RD. The first thing that comes to mind is lean meat, poultry, and fish, she said, as a low-fat piece of meat is a great source of complete protein with no carbs and little fat.

Try high-protein seeds and whole grain products

“High-protein, seeds, and whole grain products are another great option,” Russo told INSIDER.

Try incorporating whole grain pasta, or high-protein crackers into your diet, explained, as the protein and fiber in these products help keep you full without many calories.

Eat low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products are also examples of high-protein foods that may be beneficial for weight loss,” Russo explained.

Opt for plain, low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, or cheese, she suggested, and pair plain yogurt with fresh berries for some natural sweetness.

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